#GenteSafaNews: WE EAT HEALTHY

El colegio
Dos alumnos y una alumna de secundaria creadores de una noticia de la newsletters Gente safa news

Por Alejandro González, Daniela Ferrer e Iván Castromil

When we started the project of #gentesafanews, we thought that it was interesting to know more about our school’s canteen and the food we eat, so we decided to interview Marga, Aurora and Lorena, some of the people responsible for it.

First we asked Lorena because she is in charge of organizing the kitchen of Colegio concertado SAFA de Zaragoza. She told us that there is a cook and she and her assistants prepare all the food.

They start cooking at 9:00a.m and they finish at 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon.

The menu is created by the doctor, he plans it and the cooks make it. They pay attention to some different diets for students who have allergies, for example. If one day you need a special food because you don’t feel well, no problem!

The health service of the Aragon Government tells them the standards that are required and they adapt to what they are told, like:clean a lot, disinfect all the time, but they are better than last year.

They keep the food hot on a warm table. Two waitresses serve the food and clear the canteen.

We can’t see all the effort that they do, and it’s a lot! Thank you very much for everything!