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Alumnas de secundaria preparando su artículo para el periódico #GenteSafaNews_ sobre la presencia del Colegio en las Redes Sociales

Por Álvaro Caso, Adriana García, Dennysa Voinea and Cora Buil (teacher)

We are going to talk about the presence of our school in social media. The Safa school has the following social websites: Instagram, twitter, facebook, linkedin and youtube. They chose this social media presence because these ones are the most used ones.

Now we are going to explain what they use each social app for. On youtube, long videos about the school and some activities that we do are posted.  On instagram they post stories of activities that students do at the school. On facebook, twitter and linkedin the team posts news of the school. However, Instagram is the most used app of the five that the school has.

To know more about this topic, we did an interview with Don Diego, who is one of the persons in charge, together with Doña Cecilia Marín and Doña Raquel Villanueva. He told us some of the following information.

The Instagram account of the school was made in 2019, so it is 2 years old. The content of the SAFA school in the social webs has an educational and informative aim. Sometimes, it  even advertises  quizzes or contests that we do at school.

All of these information is done and chosen by a collaborative team of docents and not docent members of the school and uploaded into a shared folder. The team managing the webs upload photos four times a week and sometimes five times a week, if there are more things to tell.

The whole process takes more than fifteen minutes because they need to create the text and choose a good image to publish. Don Diego is in the process of analyzing the data, to know the impact of our school’s instagram on the people. The bad thing is that It is very difficult to control the account.

We chose this topic because we thought that we would like to know more about networks and technology because they have a huge impact in our society today .We hope that this school improves thanks to social media. Our personal opinion is a positive view of the use of social media because, in this way people and families  can know more about our school.

We hope you enjoyed it!!